Why you should use a VPN – the incognito tab doesn’t cut it

Why should you use a VPN.

A VPN enhances your privacy and security, and no its not just for people doing anything illegal. They benefit everyone.
Take the most recent threat to our security and privacy, Krack. Krack is the vulnerability in the most commonly used security method for WiFi. This allows would be evil doers to collect any data you access on WiFi including credit card details, passwords etc. It can also allow them to plant malicious software that can collect data even after the vulnerability has been fixed. There is several ways you can protect yourelf and one of them is using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) as it encrypts all you internet traffic.
VPNs can also prevent the government collecting all your internet data.
They can help allow you access to sites not available in Australia, such as US Netflix.
See the article on Gizmodo below on how to choose the best VPN and some more detail on how they work and what they do. You can also sign up for a VPN with either of my favourite and often highest rated VPNS below.


Recommended VPN providers (Affiliate links)

Private Internet Access – Link Cheapest (US Netflix not supported)

NordVPN – Link US Netflix access – Guide