WIFI Security is Broken!

Wi-Fi’s most common authentication method is vulnerable!

This is a very serious security concern. Most WiFi access points you use will utilize an authentication method called WPA2 this is what replaced the very poor early methods such as WEP. The vulnerability is at the protocol level and so to resolve the threat it needs to be updated by any manufacturer with WiFi in their devices.
However given the nature of the vulnerability it would be hard to exploit and would require someone within range of the WiFi you’re connected to.
Next steps: Avoid WiFi where possible, especially public WiFi (Remember you should always be using a VPN when accessing public or open WiFi) . Also be sure to use HTTPS websites everywhere possible. You can also use a VPN as it will encrypt all your data protecting it from being manipulated or captured. See here for this years best VPNs voted by PC Mag.
Update all devices that have WiFi, especially your router.

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