CLJ Technology is an IT consulting firm with a focus on providing installation of IT infrastructure, computer maintenance and technical support services for homes and local businesses. We foster seamless operations, enhance productivity and to maximise ROI for local businesses.

Technology plays an integral role in every home and business of today. However, to derive the optimal benefit of these technologies, it is expedient to configure and maintain the hardware devices for optimal performance.  We proactively design our services to facilitate the effective management of businesses and smooth running of IT infrastructures.

To achieve our corporate mission of delivering IT solution to homes and local businesses, we offer on-site services to homes and businesses. Just place a call to our hotline, and an expert IT service personnel shall visit your home or office to deliver solutions to your technical challenges.

We continue to innovate our service procedures to avail our customers with cost-efficient solutions to their computer and IT service needs.

Our Vision

To be the flagship computer services and IT support provider for homes and local businesses.

Mission Statement

To facilitate the efficient deployment and optimal functioning of computers and IT devices at homes and business locations.

Core Values

Our core values serve as a philosophy guiding our service and operational procedures. These values are:

  • Integrity;
  • Professionalism;
  • Research and Development;
  • Innovation; and
  • A commitment to client satisfaction.

Our Team

The services of CLJ Technologies are driven by a dedicated team of young, vibrant and committed product specialists. They are experienced professionals in many different aspects of Information Technology such as ITIL, Network, and Security, among other things.  Our team forms a synergy that deploys technology-based solutions to our customers.

Clinton John is the IT Director and leader of the CLJ Technologies team. Clinton is a multi-talented IT Professional with vast experience in the installation and management of various infrastructures IT resource management, security enhancement, networks and communications, and industry-specific application servers.

Our Services

The goal of our services is to enhance the business operations using contemporary technology. We analyse the needs and requirements of clients and creatively implement required solutions. Our services are:

  • Computer repairs and systems support;
  • Web hosting solution and content management; and
  • Network infrastructure & security solution.


Computer  Repairs and Systems Support

The proper functioning of computers and other related IT infrastructure within an organisation are pertinent to the smooth daily operations. Therefore, there is a need for intermittent maintenance services to optimise your computers for optimal performance and prevent expensive breakdowns. Preventive maintenance is a cost-effective approach to ensuring the proper functioning of IT devices. However, in the event of a system malfunction, our highly experienced personnel will take care of prompt repair of faulty system units.


Our end-user computing and troubleshooting solutions focus on enhancing internal operations at the premise of our customers. The scope of this service includes tech refresh, virus removal, system optimisation, upgrades, and repairs of laptops, desktop computers and other hardware devices such as printers. We ensure your hardware devices are working optimally and restore faulty systems to their pristine state.



Website Design and Web Hosting

We use cutting-edge technology to create visually appealing and functional websites for businesses. Our professional website design team are conversant with SEO, and the factors that get your site ranked fast on the search engines. We optimise the speed of your page load through slim coding procedures and create mobile responsive web pages with clean navigations. Our goal is to develop sites that are user-friendly to the human visitor and easily indexable by search engine robots.

Besides website design, we leverage vast experience in the IT industry to provide professional website hosting solutions.  CLJ Technologies delivers world-class hosting solutions to our customers on both Linux and Windows-based servers. We guarantee maximum uptime and high performance for your sites.



Connecting the computers to share resources is expedient for the optimal functioning of any organisation. We apply our vast knowledge in delivering solutions that are specific to our client’s network infrastructural needs such as installation and configuration of wired and wireless networks for homes and offices. We undertake small and large-scale projects such as home and small office network, departments at different locations in the city or between multilateral organisations with branches in various areas.

We know that security is crucial to the safe operations of a networked environment; therefore, we configure our client’s network with multilayer security from the network layer to the application layer.  Our services keep your homes and offices connected without compromising security.



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